Travelling Exhibitions

We manage a number of high-quality thematic exhibitions that have been visited by thousands of people throughout all the cities where they have been exposed. We handle assembly, setting, dismantle and transport: you only hire and enjoy.

All our exhibitions are designed to be visited by people of all ages and contain a lot of visual information such as: posters large and medium format, explanatory brackets, cabinets, etc.

A stroll through the history of the most spectacular, direct and didactic way there.

One of the most complete and kept private exhibition can be seen today on methods and elements of torture used for over 500 years in Europe by both secular and religious powers.This extraordinary exhibition makes a special tour of one of the darkest periods in Europe and some parts of Central America: the time of the Inquisition.More than 100 items among equipment, art, bands, costumes, etc.

Weapons, Honor and Battles

     This impressive and spectacular exhibition, the visitor moved to the heart of the European Middle Ages and walk nearly 1,000 years of weapons and battles on a journey in which visitors can admire: Weapons, war and siege machines, armor, combat techniques, etc.

We include the impressive armor and weapons of the Japanese medieval knight: The Samurai.

Tolkien's World

Travelling exhibition

Collection of weapons, costumes and motifs related to the world of R.R. Tolkien. Recreation to giant size of characters like the Nazgul, Ents ...

Fetishes, magic and power

Travelling exhibition

This exhibition includes objects, jewelry and sculptures from around the world and cultures. Elements that serve or have served as a conduit to the worship of ancestors, spirits or deities for different purposes and often difficult
to discern.


Among them are used as protective amulets, magical purposes figures whose supernatural power comes from strange incantations made on them by sorcerers or shamans, who have become transmitter support such authorities or simply "impregnated" objects of years of prayers, tears charges or sentences that in many cases the energy of their former owners. An overwhelming exposure.

Post morten Photography

Photographys collection

The post-mortem photography, memento mori, or memorial portrait,

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