Knights, weapons, honor and battles

    If there is a period in history shrouded in mystery chronicles, legends, wizards, princesses and knights is undoubtedly the Middle Ages or Middle Ages.


    In this impressive exhibition, we moved the visitor to the heart of the Middle Ages and walk almost 1,000 years of arms, honor and battles on a journey in which visitors can admire: weapons, war machines and siege, armor, combat techniques and long etc. of elements that will fascinate from start to finish all the spectators that visit it.


    As a basis and foundation of the sample: the sword. The sword held the spirit of the warrior and if there is a weapon of war with its own personality, is the sword. No other weapon has received own name: Tizona, Escalibur, Andúril and many others, will be part of the living legend of a period. But not only show an impressive collection of swords of all ages, can also be seen in this sample: Mazas, war hammers, armor, helmets and helmets, shields and etc. including siege engines colossal natural size.


    The exhibition is illustrated by wide large format signage where combat techniques, forms of siege combat kits are explained; etc.

    This unique traveling exhibition that counts among its pieces, with a magnificent Samurai armor and his most emblematic weapons: katana, the samurai yumi or arc Wakisachi.


    Exposure may include the presence of actors, falconry, ambient sound ...


    Ask us and will adapt its content to available space or specific needs.

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